Life Lately

Life lately has been hectic, but fun nonetheless!  Over Memorial weekend Grant, Grayson and I traveled to Indiana.  This was Grayson’s first trip there and our first since January!  Traveling went smoothly, even if we did have a tower of luggage.😳  Grant stayed for a long weekend and then headed back to Cali while we stayed until June 10th.  C60827DF-9CBD-4645-B4FD-2B3CAB1FE1C7

Within our 2 weeks of being home we had 2 weddings, a graduation ceremony, 3 graduation parties, a birthday party, a bridal shower, Grayson’s first trip to the zoo (where he slept the entire time), his first trip to the lake, 6 lunch/dinner dates, numerous appointments, a baseball game, Grayson’s 3 month pictures, and so much more! Let’s just say he met hundreds of people in this short amount of time.  We loved it but were definitely exhausted from not having a free moment!

Grant met us in Indiana for the weekend of June 10th where we then flew to Hilton Head, SC to spend a week with the Bucher’s on a family vacation.  This is where Grayson finally met the rest of the extended family.  We had a relaxing week of laying at the beach/pool, riding bikes through Sea Pines, finding new cafe’s and restaurants, parasailing, and overall just basking in quality time with family!

We flew back to Cali on Saturday, June 17th, where Grayson made it through the 5 hour flight from Charlotte to Sacramento!! 😅   Pretty sure my boys were a little tired!!

Sunday, June 18th we celebrated Grant’s first Father’s Day by going to a winery in Livermore, Fenestra Winery. They had free tastings for dads, a live band, and a food truck. This was a quaint rustic winery, something different from what we were normally used to, but super cute! The 110 degree heat didn’t help the outdoor atmosphere but we had a fun afternoon!  I am so thankful for Grant and the amazing godly daddy he is to Grayson!!  Oh yes and Grayson started laughing for the first time on our flight back to California, so the pic below is him continuing on in his laughter! #adorableIMG_1663IMG_1664IMG_1666And so that’s been our life lately!


One thought on “Life Lately

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure that Grayson and his parents experienced the past few days. You are very special to me. So happy that you spent time with us during Jared’s party . luv you all very much !!!! Aunt Betty

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